Amber Light



         Amber Słupsk proposes services with regard to Amber Sculpture and stone treatment. Our offer contains different designs included in the gallery, in addition, we perform individual orders according to the designs and instructions of a customer. We guarantee top quality of execution, each design of a sculpture is well thought-out to emphasize and bring out the unique beauty of Amber.                               

                                                                                                  Sławomir Chowaniec 


Amber Sculptures - Polish Gold

Horse - relief, Baltic amber sculpture. Amber Słupsk Sławomir Chowaniec. 


        Sculpture in Amber

          Amber is the material of the artist is one of the most interesting and most beautiful gifts of nature. In the hands of a sculptor - amber becomes something more than a sculpture or jewelery product. He can dazzle with their beauty and capture the senses. It has what other materials do not have - the soul and the "enchanted" in this sculptural stone life.

         Stone and soul - an apparent contradiction, we associate the stone with something dead, cold, hard, devoid of emotional traits. Amber in this regard totally does not fit these stereotypes, its purely physical properties make it warm and light. Its origin - tree sap millions of years ago, the resin or sap of life is the key to the mysterious power of amber. In the juices of life often froze another life, insects, plant fragments and various small organisms from the Tertiary period. These forms do not require mineral amber sculpting chisels, polished live spontaneously, as the oldest film show us the prehistory and allow her to associate.

        Amber - from German Bernstein "burning stone", from the Greek Elektron "shiny, glossy" - let Kindles and electrify our imagination and senses.